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I blame Scifigrl47 for this


The drawing wasn’t done, it was sketchy in places, the lines trailing away as if absorbed by the paper. But his head and shoulders, chest and arms were in stark relief, his bare feet below the dark blocking of his jeans, the glowing hole of the arc reactor. His head was tipped to the side, it had to be, because he was leaning back against Dummy’s frame, and Dummy’s arm was poking over his shoulder, resting snug against the side of his neck.

Tony, and it was Tony, it was him, was slumped low, elegance in the lines of his arms, in the long curve of his fingers, stained and dirty and scuffed, but elegant anyway. One palm cradled a piece of Dummy’s main electrical relays, a replacement piece, because Dummy was watching the repair. In the picture, the bot was curled close, the hard, clean lines of his metal frame flowing with the organic curves of Tony’s body. It was the bot who seemed curious, his camera angled close, light flaring off the lens. Tony was offering his work, a faint smile on his face, his free hand holding a screwdriver with the grace of a conductor’s baton or a magician’s wand.

Steve had done something, with that loose pile of limbs, the bare feet and filthy hands and tangled hair. With the cold, sharp edges of Dummy’s inhuman frame. The arc reactor, usually so alien and ugly and hard in the center of Tony’s chest, resembled nothing more than a spark, like a burning light in the center of his being.

A physical representation of something usually hidden, but always there.

(from scifigrl47's fic The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, chp. 23)

I blame scifigrl47 for this. This is all the fault of her mad, crazy awesome writing skills and her ability to put an image in my head that will not go away. So despite the fact that I can barely draw acceptable faces and CAN NOT draw hands or feet AT ALL, my brain would not let go of the image of Tony and Dummy (and Tony’s god damn hands) until I had drawn it myself.

…I made an executive decision to edit out the feet, for my sanity’s sake.

I doubt I’ll ever really color or ink the thing, as I’m a little afraid to touch it again. This is one of the first drawings I’ve done based on a concrete person that actually kind of looks like them, and I’m a bit proud of how much it does look like movie-verse Tony. It came out pretty well overall (ignoring the hands), and I think I got most of the anatomy right on both Tony and Dummy (though Dummy is too short, but I had already drawn the claw and there wasn’t a good way to angle it to make him taller), so I’m calling it finished before I ruin it with trying to “fix it”.