Angmar & Khamul (first and second Nazgul - when they were alive of course). Ok can’t do anything with myself, i like this pairing - numenorian lord & king of Rhun,i think that’s awesome

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I think it’s really hard for bisexuals because there is the illusion of choice. Because obviously being in a gay relationship isn’t as easy as being in a straight relationship. [x

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Rape jokes are not jokes. Woman-hating jokes are not jokes. These guys are telling you what they think. When you laugh along to get their approval, you give them yours.

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my mom told me this when i was like 6. though not specifically about rape jokes, she just said “when people are being mean and you laugh, you are agreeing.”

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“when people are being mean and you laugh, you are agreeing.”

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Modern Remakes Of Famous Paintings by The Booooooom + Adobe 

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